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 Matrix Effect Tutorial!

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PostSubject: Matrix Effect Tutorial!   Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:20 pm

I will not use images for this tutorial (only in the end...to show you how it looks) becose this tut is easy Very Happy

Step 1:

Ok...First...open up new work...(any size)
make the background white...

now...apply this filter = Filter>Texture>Grain...

U will now see Two lines where you can set Intesity and Contrast
and one drop down menu its for Grain Type...ok

First Line (Intesity):Set it to 100
Second Line (Contrast):Set it to 100

Drop DOwn Menu(Grain Type):Set it to Vertical

and press OK.

Step 2:

Now...again go in filters and chose neon glow = Filters>Artistic>Neon Glow

You will see:
Again Two lines...
this time it will be Glow Size and Glow brightnes and under these lines you will have color...

OK...set it like this:
Glow Size:Set it to 2
Glow bright:Set it to 50(max)
And set color to whatever you want (just not black...make it be...light green becose i used that ...and i dont want you to get problems...)

Press OK.

Step 3

Now...again filters

Filters>Stylize>Glowing Edges

You WIll See:

Edge Width:Set to 1
Edge Brightnes:set to 2
Smothnes:set to 1

And press OK.

Step 4

Now...u are almost done...go to...


New little window will open...u will have 3 lines and and 2 chek box
one cheked and one uncheked (chek one that is uncheked(Colorize))

And now...on those 3 lines...

-Hue:set to +180 (here you can set ...whatever color you want..i used green becose its matrix effect tutorial Razz)
-Saturation:set to +100
-Brightnes:set to +4

Press OK.

And you are DONE!!!

Tip:I sugges you use Image>Adjustments>Levels after everything...

OK...Here is how it should look (without letters...i added em after...for this to look better Very Happy) if you try some more stuff you can get this to look even better..i just did this tutorial fast becose i dont need image to look good its only for tut Very Happy

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Matrix Effect Tutorial!
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