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PostSubject: RULES   Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:32 am

Forum Rules

apply to these rule's at all times or risk being banned from this Forum or perhaps the entire board.

1. Do not Spam - This means do not post off topic posts and if you have opened the topic and no one reply...dont spam that topic so someone can notice it and reply.after you open a topic if no one reply wait 24 hours and then enter another post in if then no one notice it.stop using that topic.if you dont folow these rules your topic will be locked and you will be banned from forum where you opened that topic.

2. Do not Flame - Do not ever insult anyone while on this forum, it is strictly prohibited and can result in sever punishments.also dont do it on PM...if someone reports that you insulted them or something like that on pm.your PM will be turned off and be like that until we see that you will not do it again!

3. No Advertising - Don't advertise other Forums while your here. You can supply links but can't tell anyone to register on it. Links to Graphix Programs are ok, but don't force people to download/buy it.

4. Only English - Please do not talk on any other language! only english and you can PM other members with other language only if you know that they can talk on that language.that mean first ask and then do it!

5. Anime & MangaCategory - This is for anime discussion thread. if you have a Spoiler about Some anime series then for the love of god use the spoiler tags.

It's very simple

Step one. Click the button ONCE that says Spoiler at top


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